Royal Case has several production facilities spanning the globe. Between our Sherman, Texas faclity and our Asian factories, we employ 2,000 people and use over 1,000,000 square feet in production and warehousing space. The company employs designers, seamstresses, cutters, manufacturing and assembly workers, as well as shipping and receiving staff.

All of our facilities abide by strict quality control standards and work in tandem to deliver the wide variety of services we offer.

United States

Our plant is headquartered and operates in Sherman, TX, occupying over 500,000 sq. feet along with 3 warehouses spread throughout the USA. Royal employs 275 people and is a privately held company with 32 years of experience in case manufacturing business. We offer our customers ” warehousing” for JIT delivery. With Royal Case you get quality products on time and at a low cost!




Experience the best of both worlds by working with Royal Case to manufacture goods from our Asian factories. We offer a no-hassle alternative to traditional off-shore production.

You’ll enjoy the cost savings and superior service that comes from a domestic manufacturer and customer service team. Communication problems and cultural boundaries simply aren’t a problem with Royal Case’s Asian manufacturing facilities, so there are no misunderstandings with your expectations.

When you work with Royal Case, it’s like having a translation team and on-location manufacturer’s representative on your side – with each project, from start to finish. That’s why we’re able to guarantee fast turn-around and great service, whether your product comes from a domestic or Asian-based facility.

We’ve also established global production standards so you can expect quality, on-time delivery regardless of the country of origin.

Enjoy faster, simpler and more streamlined production with Royal Case as your partner.

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