Custom Injection Molded Parts From Royal Case Company


Custom Injection Molded Parts from RCC

For quality parts, fast service, accurate results, contact Royal Case Company for your custom injection molded parts. We’ll help you meet important deadlines at competitive prices. If you’re tired of missing deadlines, tired of paying high freight, or just need to impress your new boss, we can help you with a huge range of shapes, sizes and materials.

Available Material

ABS, PTFE, Polycarbonate, Nylon, Polystyrene, Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon, Plastic-Wood Fiber Composites, Polyethylene and Polypropylene.

Our injection molding capabilities range from 75 ton up to 4400 ton machines, so we can help you with just about any project. Plus, with our Just-In-Time delivery, you can be assured that your project will be carefully monitored from start to finish ensuring you receive your items on time.

Royal Case can help you design, tool and manufacture your plastic injection molded components. We also offer additional services such as kitting, packaging, and assembly. Furthermore, we can stock and ship your items from any one of our conveniently located warehouses. With our finely honed U.S./Asian production methods, you’ll find communication is greatly simplified – which means products are on time, within budget, and right the first time.

Did you know? We manufacture a complete line of custom foam!

Complete Services from A to Z Gets the Job Done Right.

royal case company manufactures custom molded parts injection with plastic made in the usa

CAD Design

Engineering know-how at the beginning of a project is critical for keeping custom projects on schedule within budget and running smoothly. Our engineers will help you in the planning stages of production by identifying critical product and process details.

Finishing Touches

We offer many in-house finishing services, such as multicolored screen printing, rubber patches, hot stamping, debossing and embossing. Logos can also be custom-molded into the case exterior. Our Professionals will work with you to help you determine the best choices for your case.

Warehousing Options

Royal Case has over 25 years of experience in warehousing, logistics and inventory management with warehouses in the USA, China, Thailand, & the UK. Our just in time ability gives you a competitive advantage that sets you apart from your competition.

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