Custom Rotomolding (Rotational) Manufacturing From RCC


Custom Rotomolding (Rotational) Manufacturing From RCC

What is rotomolding?

The name really says it all. Plastic powders are poured into a mold and then the mold is rotated. The powder moves to the outside walls via tumbling action while being heated. Heating the powder allows it to melt together, and forces it to take on the shape of the mold it is inside of. As the mold cools, the melted powder becomes rigid and the process is complete.

What kind of products are made with this process?

Tanks of various kinds: septic, water, fuel, oil and chemical. Car parts: arm rests, instrument panels, ducting, wheel arches and traffic signs/barriers. Containers: IBC totes, drums and barrels, reuseable shipping containers, planters and refrigerated boxes. Toys: balls, hobby horses, doll parts and play houses. Material handling: trash cans, pallets, packaging, carrying cases. Marine: dock floats, pool liners, kayaks and life belts. Other: Point of sale displays, housings, garden equipment and tool boxes.

How can custom rotomolding help your business?

Rotomolding manufacturing is generally cheaper to produce because there’s less waste and the molds aren’t as expensive as with other kinds of manufacturing.

Other advantages include:

  • Creation of hollow parts with no joints or weld lines
  • Shorter production runs
  • Shorter lead times
  • Multi-layering
  • Less waste

Royal Case Company has manufactured thousands of items since we began over 25 years ago. We have perfected many processes along the way to help cut production times and improve efficiencies. We have multiple factories world-wide including Thailand, China and in the US, in North Texas. We also offer warehousing, CAD assistance, customization options and even logistics help to ensure your product is made and delivered to your specifications.

Complete Services from A to Z Gets the Job Done Right.

CAD Design

Engineering know-how at the beginning of a project is critical for keeping custom projects on schedule, within budget and running smoothly. Our engineers will help you in the planning stages of production by identifying critical product and process details.

Finishing Touches

We offer many in-house finishing services, such as multicolored screen printing, rubber patches, hot stamping, debossing and embossing. Logos can also be custom-molded into the case exterior. Our professionals will work with you to help you determine the best choices for your case.

Warehousing Options

Royal Case has over 25 years of experience in warehousing, logistics and inventory management with warehouses in the USA, China, Thailand, & the UK. Our just in time ability gives you a competitive advantage that sets you apart from your competition.

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